The result of over seven decades of pursuing a passionate interest in philosophy, psychology, religion and wellness.

“Dr. Paul Abell is a consummate healer. He is skilled in the arts of wellness coaching, longevity training, Chinese Medicine and psychological process. He is well respected in the Los Angeles alternative health care community.”
–Carolyn Conger, PhD – teacher and author

“Dr. Abell is a powerful and experienced healer, uniquely conscious of the complex secrets to longevity . . . one who is actually living the profound truths written into his new book.”
–Hyla Cass, M.D.,- Internationally acclaimed health expert and author of the book, 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health.

“Dr. Paul Abell’s simple and timeless phrases are accurately tuned to the thoughts and questions that arise during the later years of life. This book provides a thought-provoking, yet comforting, companion for those entering the later stages of our life’s journey.”
–Drs. Sidra and Hal Stone Creators of Voice Dialogue and authors of “Embracing Your Inner Critic”

“Dr. Abell is a genuine master of Holistic Healthcare. As a professional biochemist and scientist I have personally experienced the validity of his multi-level approach to attaining greater health, self-awareness and a long life. This succinct new book could well be the Longevity Tao Te Ching for our modern world.”
–Dr. Donald F. Haggerty retired academic career investigator in biochemistry and former Associate Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles U.C.L.A.

“Dr. Abell has comprehensive knowledge about how the body works from both an Eastern and Western medical perspective. He is the Lee Strasberg of the alternative healthcare world . . . truly a master!”
–Anna Strasberg, The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

“Dr. Abell has amazing knowledge regarding longevity. He has an incredible talent, with healing powers and a unique understanding of the body. After so many years using his services, I have a well-rounded awareness of his deep, insightful sense of complete health and longevity. He has a special gift that he gives to all of his clients.”
–Lyn Lear (Mrs. Norman Lear)

“I have known Dr. Abell’s work for over thirty-five years. The wealthof simply-stated enlightened knowledge regarding health and longevity contained within his book is an extremely valuable blueprint for living avital and fulfilling long life.”
–Susan Winter Ward, Author and Creator of “Yoga for the Young at Heart” programs for seniors.

“Dr. Paul Abell was a pioneer at the advent of the Holistic Health Revolution which began in the early 1970’s. He has integrated the use of the Asian Healing Arts, Western Psychology, herbs, supplements, lifestyle counseling, multiple approaches to energy healing, and longevity principles from around the world. I honestly say he is a rare and unique authority when it comes to someone who knows the philosophical and psychological keys for understanding what is required to age gracefully.”
–Jay Grossman, D.D.S. Clinical Assistant Professor at UCLA College of Dentistry and co-founderwith Sharon Stone of the Homeless-Not- Toothless Foundation, a charity offering free dental care for the indigent.

“For over the 25 years I have seen the breadth and depth of Dr. Abell’s work across many settings and many modalities. He brings a well-balanced understanding of Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, Psychology, Western Science and Medicine as he applies them to his well integrated wellness theories and lifestyle consulting for those seeking longevity.”
–Dr. Elena Bonn, Psychotherapist

“Dr. Abell’s book, “Joy is . . . 365 Keys to Longevity,” is a bit more sagacious and challenging than most readers might expect from the title. In truth, the book is a profoundly comprehensive collection of powerful health and lifestyle principles that provide a scaffolding for creating a fully- realized experience of living. If one would successfully internalize each ofthe consciousness concepts, life would indeed be filled with great joy.”
–Michael Levine, CEO-Michael Levine Media

“As a respected elder in the consciousness community and through his own endeavors of absorbing the knowledge and teachings from many master teachers, Dr. Paul Abell has spent his life delving into the deeper mysteries of health and the essence of longevity. He is continually on the search for anything that will improve the quality and quantity of life. Thisbook is a profound reflection of that journey.”
–Lawrence Novick, PhD – Life Coach and Aikido Instructor

“My own healing path has been enriched from knowing Dr. Paul Abell for over 40 years. His unique approach to understanding the mind- body energetic connections transformed the healing skills of my advanced students at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California. Paul’s brilliance in teaching my students real-life lessons, blending the best of Western Somatic Psychology with the Chinese Five-Element Theory, offered healing practitioners advanced access to their own growth and their client’s health and longevity.”
–Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. Acupressure Online Programs

“Dr. Paul Abell’s healing work and counseling has made a huge difference in my life. Paul has an impressive breadth of knowledge about health, healing, and psychology. His real forte is deep understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, emotions and physical imbalances. Perhaps equally important, he has the gifts of compassion and caring. He obviously loves what he does, and it shows!”
–Diana Ungerleider- Co-founder of the Fibar Corporation.

“As the senior Pilates instructor at my own Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, I mainly worked with Hollywood’s top celebrities. Many of them had chronic structural problems which required more specialized physical care, often beyond the scope of traditional Western Medicine. Consequently, Ireferred those difficult cases to Dr. Abell to bring my struggling clients upto a level where I could work with them better. Dr. Paul not only helped everyone I referred, but he also got me through a very bad accident I had. His unorthodox approach to health care attends to the psychological aspects of physical disorders in the body. His technique accelerates the healing process and provides more lasting outcomes. Dr. Abell’s years of experience in the Asian system of health care, combined with his own eclectic array of Western healing techniques and innate gifts of bringing the body back to into perfect balance, made him “the real deal” in an entertainment industry that requires quick results. He is an excellent example of a world-class mind-body health coach for those on the road to wellness and longevity.
–Siri Dharma Galliano CEO-Live Art Pilates, Inc

“Dr. Abell knows what few people in the health care world know, because he has blended a lifetime of learning about the psycho-somatic cause of illness and physical disorders from many healthcare viewpoints from cultures around the world. He has blended the most helpful aspects of those disciplines into his own unique approach to attaining wellness for his clients.”
–Emese Williams 76 year-old client of Dr. Abell and ardent believer

“Dr.Abell is living proof that the Longevity principles work. His wisdom, knowledge and passion will motivate you to live longer and feel better!”
–Jason Sands, Vice President , Wells Fargo Bank

“Dr. Paul Abell astutely transcribed his personal truths through the lens of one word, that feeling we all strive for in our lives, Joy! His new book is the synergy of philosophy, poetry, and wisdom from the around the world. It reads like a thoughtful meditation, easily accessible in its profoundness and simplicity. Dr Abell illuminates poignant ideas that are very crucial in our chaotic and distracted times.”
–Shane Dultz, Ph.D. Physicist and Medical Device Developer

“This book beautifully simple sheaf of timeless wisdom and common sense. You would think we had heard these messages, throughout our lives, but like untrained creatures we all need to hear them again and again, and here they are stated with uncommon clarity.“
– Lawrence Blair, Ph.D., Author, explorer and filmmaker

“This book is filled with powerful ideas on how to improve and enhance the joy in your life. It is also filled with high moral principles needed for today’s world . . . it should be required reading each day for school children”
– Julie Knapp- fashion designer

“Dr. Paul Abell has eloquently and powerfully presented the secrets of a joyful life and given us the tools to guide us to long lives of health and happiness. This valuable book is full of the wisdom of the ages synthesized for us today. What a beautiful blessing.”